Bathroom tiles – Living room, bedroom, kitchen, the bathroom (toitlet) is a pretty important in the design and run the gamut. Today the company Keraben makes you choose for themselves the form beautiful bathroom flooring tile quality high for his house.

The Size of Bricks

To choose the size ceramic bathroom tiles suitable first need to determine the floor area and height of the bath. Normally for a bathroom scale housing area households the root cause, the customers tend to choose ceramic tiles in size 15x60cm, 30x60cm, 60x60cm. In particular, size 30×60 cm ceramic tiles are the most common. Type this size can be applied all kinds of areas for bathrooms, toilets, including baby-size bath under 2m square. Brick sized bathroom look larger the increasingly large and airy, and vice versa. In addition, when large size tiles have the advantage of less than circuit cleaned up the bathroom easier.

User Tiling

May tangent horizontal or vertical depending on the characteristics of toilet size. If the bricks are horizontal tiles will create broader sense also bathroom tiles along will feel more restrooms.

Running Border

For the running edges, can run many more borders or at borders because it depends on the height of the wall’s length and width of each floor and room design. High 2m bathroom could use 1 or 2 border edging. Currently chenille bath is usually dark brown contour cutting. Customers can use a darker border 06×60 size was available to create contour cut grinding. Thus, the choice for themselves the form of ceramic tiles of beautiful bathroom is not enough but also to know how to run the border.

Coordinate Color

Do not just stop at the selected samples ceramic bathroom tiles for the bathroom beautiful but we also have to know color combinations. The color scheme is quite important for workmen (mason) not only experience but also paving with visual arts. Previously, the majority of projects are often favored for its colorful beauty, now the chosen colors simple and eternal was much favored. The bathroom could use bright colors like yellow 1 cream, white, pink or two colors, opposites such as white roses – brown, black – white, brown-white. The colors are almost never out of fashion in interior design.

Quality Bricks

Due to the wet bathroom floor always so in addition to select the template beautiful ceramic tiles for bathrooms, we need to pay attention to quality. Do not choose bathroom tiles with poor quality will lead to reduced life expectancy for your bathroom. Currently brick Keraben we have the ability to meet demand.