Christmas bathroom decor – Christmas is coming. And especially if you are expecting guests for parties, the bathroom should not be forgotten in thinking of the Christmas decorations to use. Since this is a room dedicated to hygiene. It is important to remember that you should not overdo it. The bathroom must be a clean, relaxing and tidy. Please avoid elaborate decorations, scented candles too sweet or musical trinkets. Aim pretty little touches here and there. Elegant, minimal, personal, perfectly matched to your decor. Especially if you have chosen modern furniture or the Nordic style.

The ideas are many and in most cases only require a little patience, being progettini DIY. Stuck for christmas bathroom decor ideas? Here are our. Start with change the towels that usually used with other colors suitable for the Christmas season. Such as red, green or white. In a jar pick up some branch of pine. And decorated with a small white or silver bow. Not only will give a festive touch to the room. But will smell without annoying. Add a few candles very simple (white or clear glass jar) to the basin floor or on a roof create light atmosphere to the room, making it more relaxing.

Choose salts lavatory or Christmas packaging. Their usefulness have already spoken. But this way will make it festive even the bathtub. Add a simple tree ball to the door handle. A minimalist touch, but very effective. Meanwhile, a christmas shower curtain can give a whole christmas bathroom decor a new look. Choose a shower curtain that features Christmas flowers poinsettias, amaryllis or lilies. Floral shower curtain may contain whole plants, potted plants in a still life or simply flourishes. Choose based on your favorite flower and colors you like best for bathrooms. Poinsettia design is usually strong and traditional red and greens, while lilies are white. Amaryllis curtains may have more unconventional combinations such as pink and lime green.

Consider traditional Christmas fabrics in solid or semi-solid hues add holiday pizazz to the christmas bathroom decor. Using a shower curtain with traditional Christmas colors means you have a lot of flexibility with accessories. Consider using basic reds and greens. Or choose a rich ivory, gold and burgundy palette. Since shower curtains are common, use decorative hooks for hanging. Adding to the festive touch that tree soap dishes. And toothbrush holders for an extra special reminder of a holiday.