Bathroom Wall Decor – The days when you could only choose tiles to complete the walls of your bathroom is long gone. Nowadays there are many materials available that thrive in humid environments. So you can choose besides traditional wall tiles for wall coverings in mosaic, water-resistant wallpaper, waterproofing paint, and even sheet metal.

Choose tiles for bathroom wall decor. Wall tiles are available in different sizes, materials and colors. If you want a timeless bathroom, opt for neutral colors like white, beige, gray and brown. Do not have a large bathroom; opt for wall tiles in bright colors. This space will appear larger. In bathrooms with little or no daylight to avoid dark tiles. Wall tiles are matched with a striking pattern or color, but can serve as an eye-catcher. A safer alternative is to work with neutral wall tiles in combination with water-resistant or waterproof paint wallpaper. The paint or wallpaper is ultimately faster and easier to replace than wall tiles.

Also keep in mind the placement of rectangular wall tiles for bathroom wall decor. With horizontal positioning of the bathroom will appear more spacious. By placing the tiles vertical space will seem higher. If you use the same tiles for flooring and walls let you add the best to go through the same line. Combining different wall tiles in the bathroom is possible. You can choose tiles with the same size and a color tint or tiles with different sizes in the same hue. The price of wall tiles is highly dependent on the chosen material, size and quality.

Select bathroom wall decor with mosaic. Mosaic is, just as wall tiles mainly made of glazed ceramic. Because of their small size, the placement of mosaic something difficult and it takes more time. There is also more grout needed some height will cost driving. The use of mosaic wall coverings can be very nice accent, such as a mosaic strip behind the taps in the shower, around the tub or horizontal strip between the wall tiles. Mosaic tiles in the bathroom need a little more maintenance because of the many joints. Always choose quality insert which can be used in wet areas.

You can also paint or wallpaper for bathroom wall decor. Wallpaper water resistant or waterproof paint cannot be used directly in the shower, but as cool button on bathroom walls do not come into direct contact with water. Paint or wallpaper creates a warmer and personal appearance. You can put special emphasis, and choose bold patterns or bright colors. Are you tired of bold combinations after a while you can renew this type of wall decor quickly and cheaply. As icing on the cake is paint or wallpaper also the cheapest method for coating walls.