Bathroom toilet – Although the toilet in the bathroom is only a subset of the whole of a home, it plays no less important role than other functional areas. It is not only a place for bathing, cleaning, but also a place for family members to relax after a hard working day.

Therefore, in addition to the design, bathroom decoration, the toilet is beautiful, luxurious feng shui elements also play a very important role, if this area unreasonable placement will adversely affect To the health of the landlord.

One of the most important factors to consider when designing a bathroom toilet is to be comfortable, safe and easy to clean. As we all know, in the toilet area there is a lot of water, so the material used for the layout also has to choose the waterproof material. Normally, other spaces need a lot of natural light, but for bathrooms, ventilation fans are very necessary. Mirrors are reflective objects, mirror is very necessary in the bathroom.

On the other hand, in order to contribute to the bathroom space, bathroom toilet more beautiful and luxurious homeowner should tile tiles for the wall. In this area should choose bright colors will make the bathroom space more bright, fresh. To create a focal point for the bathroom, in the middle of the wall, the landlord can arrange a picture frame but only one meter from the floor.

In the case of bathrooms and restrooms with limited area, without sunlight, homeowners can pave marble, which not only gives life but also contributes to This area is more clean, luxurious and modern.

In particular, for the toilet, the homeowner can design a hand-washing sink at an altitude of 80cm and a 40cm toilet, which will provide comfort during use.

Things in the bathroom toilet is not too large but the number is not a little. For convenience in use, homeowners should arrange in this area a cabinet or a shelf to put them. But because the bathroom, toilet is often wet, so do not use the material of wood. If required, use waterproof and water resistant material.

As we all know, bathrooms and toilets are the areas that give off gas. If you do not clean your toilet regularly, it will create unpleasant odors. To avoid this trouble, homeowners can use the candles extracted from flowers, fragrant grass to lift the air of the bathroom, toilet.