Colonial White Granite Countertops– There are various methods to ensure that your natural stone counters get clean but do not lose their beauty. Homeowners benefit the most by following a daily and weekly cleaning routine. Both methods are very simple to do and will allow you to keep your colonial white granite countertops beautiful for a long time. The most important factor to remember when you own granite is to immediately clean up any spills or stains. It is a very porous surface that will immediately soak up the spill. Cause permanent damage to your colonial white granite countertops. Immediately blotting up any spills with a clean white cloth and then following the daily and weekly cleaning tips.That will help keep your natural stone beautiful for many years to come.

Daily cleaning of your colonial white granite countertops does not take a lot of hard work or special products. A soft cloth and mild, non-abrasive detergent, such as dish soap, and warm water is all that is needed. It is important to choose a detergent that is mild. Does not contain any chemicals and is non-abrasive to avoid unnecessarily scratching it. If it is possible, you should choose distilled water rather than city water because city water might contain harsh minerals or large amounts of chlorine that can damage your counter as well.

When you are ready to clean colonial white granite countertops, simply make a solution of warm water and a few drops of detergent, mixing it up until it is sudsy. After you put a small amount of your solution on the counter, wipe it down in small circular motions. It is best to work in sections, washing one section down and then immediately rinsing it with clean water. After you have washed and rinsed the entire area down. It is imperative that you thoroughly dry the entire counter with a soft cloth. This will help to prevent any water residue building up, leaving an unpleasant film that is hard to remove.

On top of your daily cleaning colonial white granite countertops, which should take place at least once a day, you should create a weekly cleaning habit. This is necessary because over time, the soap residue from daily cleaning can build up. Taking away from the gorgeous shine of your granite and leaving behind a dull finish. The weekly cleaning is simple to do and only requires a commercial stone cleaner with a low pH balance. Before purchasing any cleaner, make sure to read the ingredients to ensure that there are no harsh chemicals or abrasives that could scratch or harm your natural stone.

The process to use your weekly cleaner is simple ensure. That you are starting with clean colonial white granite countertops that are free from dust and debris. If it is necessary, wipe it down with a microfiber cloth first before applying the commercial cleaner. Simply stand 6-8 inches away from your counter and spray the product, covering the entire area. In small circular motions, immediately wipe the cleaner up. You will immediately notice the beautiful luster and shine return.

Cleaning granite the right way is a very simple and effective way to lengthen the life of your colonial white granite countertops. When they are properly taken care of, your colonial white granite countertops will outlast just about anything else in your kitchen. Allowing you enjoy its long-lasting beauty for many years to come.